My Engagement : Adam & Yuna

My Engagement : Adam & Yuna

When you meet someone, that person opens up a whole new world to you. Love is a funny thing. Time is even funnier. I remember when I first saw Adam at a shoot and he was a part of the crew maybe 6-7 years ago, and I really wanted to know who this person was. Until I heard someone on set called his name 'Adam'. And the rest, was history. Well, more of a slow paced story. I met him again 2 years later at another shoot, and this time, I decided I should talk to him. And so we did, for the next 18 hours, we were inseparable (only because he was directing me to do things for this shoot), we were talking in between takes and then it was time to leave, and all I did was wave, and he waved back. Then I didn't see him for the next 2 years. 2014 came, I remember flying back to KL and thought about that guy I had an amazing time with at that really long tiring shoot. I asked to meet him and he said ok. We had coffee and talked for hours! We agreed that we sucked for not trying to stay in touch. So from that moment on, we agreed to try and see each other as much as we can, even when I'm away. We kept our promise. Once in a while, like normal couples, we gave up on our long distance relationship. I like to think I write great songs, but apparently, there's a better writer for all of us. No matter what happened to us, we alway found our way back to each other, I'm not so sure why, but God made sure of that, and I am glad.

On the 5th of August 2017, Adam and I had our engagement ceremony at my parent's home in Kuala Lumpur. It was a beautiful traditional Malay engagement ceremony where Adam's family came to our house proposing a marriage, bringing with them 5 trays of gifts for us, and in return my family gave them 7 trays of gifts. The proposals were made by exchanging Malay poems. 

Here are some photos from the engagement ceremony captured by one of my best friends, Zel Atif Ishak. My dress was designed by Hatta Dolmat, the house was beautifully decorated by Rekateemor. We would like to thank you so much for all your well wishes, we are both excited to start our new journey.. next up, the wedding!