My bad - I really wanted to sit down and write about the music I put out recently. But preparing for the birth of Rouge, and then the Rouge tour, just took up a lot of my time.. and in between I had to make sure I was also living my life, spending time with the people I love.

Now we have Rouge - my fourth US release album. We waited for a long time for this, my team and I - and when it was time to put out the first song from the project.. we decided to go with a song called Forevermore.

When I wrote Forevermore, all I could think of was home. I grew up in Malaysia, both in the city and in the countryside, and as a teenager my family moved out to a smaller town called Kangar, Perlis, just right outside of Thailand. My house, I remember, was surrounded by padi fields, beautiful mountains, one of the view smaller towns in Malaysia that is still untouched by modern development. I always dreamed of maybe shooting a music video out there.

We ended up doing it - we shot at 11 different locations in Malaysia, some of my favourite places in my country, something to share with my fans from all over the world.

Being Malaysia, ofcourse, is so much more than the images that I showed in Forevermore, you won’t be able to capture the beauty of the people, the culture, the places in its entirety in one music video.. but I was happy to share the things I loved going to (Lake Timah Tasoh), I loved doing, (like riding at the back of my uncle’s Proton Saga as a kid), loved seeing (traditional indian dance), or I don’t know, the feeling I used to get going into the old ‘kedai runcit’ or sundry shop getting ‘aiskrim pop’ for 20 cents.

This was also my first time finally having a choreo in a music video, by choreographer, dance teacher, and friend Karma Raines, whom I befriended some years ago in Los Angeles. I remember whenever I would go to her class, I would always have to remind her not to get a shot of me in her dance videos because ‘my fans wouldn’t understand it’. I’m so happy that finally I've outgrown that mentality, and shared my love for dance with the world anyways.

Our production team too - was 100% Malaysian. It was so amazing to see local talents coming together to make this happen. From the DP to the stylist to the art department - I saw everyone working hard, getting little or no sleep, giving their absolute best for Forevermore, and for that I am forever grateful to these amazing people.

And last but not least, this music video is directed by my wonderful husband, whom we met on set 6 years ago for the very first time, I am so proud of him. There’s no one better to create this with than with the person admire and love so much.

I hope you enjoy Forevermore, as much I enjoyed writing (with the amazing Robin Hannibal) it and making the music video for it.

Photos by Zel Atif